Mini Canvas Art Squares on Etsy




The Mini Canvas Art Squares, & Resin Art are available in my Etsy store, or else in the studio, but not on this website.

The mini canvases are a pure celebration of colour. If you like things minimalist, then these are what you're looking for.
You can decorate your space in so many ways.
Place them in a square, in a row, circle, zig-zag…the possibilities go on and on, so go ahead, and have some fun. No way is wrong!

Put them on a wall, place them on a shelf, a ledge...whatever you want to do with them, they add a little fun and a splash of colour to your room.
Because of their handmade nature, no two are exactly alike, and they’re not always perfectly square (they do come very close!). Because they are hand-painted, the brushwork varies, too. Sometimes they have a soft, smooth appearanceSometimes they appear to have a little more texture –all part of the charm of these mini canvases.
Send me pictures of how you’ve set them up. I’d love to see.
All sizes are available in all colours.
Ask me if you do not see the colours you are looking for. 

Follow the link above to my Etsy shop.