Artist Statement - Ethereal Series


The Ethereal Series of paintings is really an extension of the series that came before it, contemporary landscapes that made up the Luminosity series. Luminosity was a study of light, particularly at night, and the ways in which it changes the appearance of things. It was largely a series of paintings done in a limited colour palette. That series inevitably evolved into what is now a more abstracted study of light and luminosity. Like most of my paintings, these pieces are built up with layers of paint, much in the same way that memory is layered with perception, emotion, time, and experience.

Luminosity was made up of contemporary landscapes based in realism, mostly recognizable landscapes, with no vanishing point. The Ethereal grouping of paintings may have the same starting point, but is made up of forms, and space that are much more abstract. They are largely rooted in a sense of place, and emotion--concerned with depth, and dimension.  While painted onto a 2-dimensional plane, the layers lend to a feeling of depth, beyond the surface.  Like most of my other work, these paintings continue over the edges of the canvas, free from the confines of a frame. These pieces can be seen as calm, and quiet, allowing the viewers’ eyes to rest, and be drawn in, while at the same time, energy emanates from the smallest to the largest of these pieces. They are still, and moving, all at once—a contradiction.