General Artist Statement


I am an abstract contemporary landscape painter working in acrylic. My art is rooted in
real life images and textures, with a modern abstraction, often in a limited colour palette.
Much of my recent work is about evoking a sense of place. While the paintings no longer
always look like landscapes, they still feel like landscapes to me.
I am also working with the idea of layers, and memory: how one memory leads to
another, as well as how an image shifts depending on how the light hits it, particularly
when metallic paint is used. Much in the same way that memory is layered with
perception, emotion, time, and experience, my paintings are built up in layers of paint.

Though there is a vast difference in the types of work I have created over the course of
my life, the underlying thread in much of it is the environment, and stewardship of the
planet. I paint abstracted scenes inspired by real-life beauty. Without some amount of
social responsibility, these types of scenes will only exist in imagination.
I think life is all about moments—those moments where time stops, our individualities
fall away, and we’re reminded of how we’re all connected, how we’re all one. I think that
art is a “way in”. It is an equalizer, no matter where you come from, what language you
speak. Now, more than ever, we must take a step back, and recognize that inter-