Artist Statement - Aerial Inspired Series

My current series of paintings is inspired by aerial views, satellite imagery, and the cosmos.
Featuring abstract, textural canvases, the paintings depict imagined spaces inspired by real life
imagery. Metallic paint causes images to appear to shift depending on how the light hits them, or
where the viewer is standing. While I tend to favour a limited palette, the colours of the paintings
in the Aerial Inspired series happen to be of a higher contrast within a limited palette in each
For this series, I’ve looked at a lot of imagery, (a wondrous task!), but then put it away, because I
am not interested in portraying a copy of the subject at hand. I am more interested in the spirit of
what has been seen. Generally, while I am finishing up a series, the influence of the next series of
paintings I have in mind tends to creep in to the work, as happened in this case. Some of the later
paintings from the Ethereal Series show influences of this attention to aerial imagery. While I embarked
on this series, believing that I was exaggerating colours, I came to find these beautiful, vibrant hues exist
in the landscape, due to phenomena such as mineral deposits, or algae blooms. While I was aware of
such colouring in the plumage of birds, or the colouring of fish, I was not expecting its prevalence in
the landscape.
Because the environment has been a focus, my natural thoughts have been to ask how aerial
views change over time. My assumption is the effects of climate change would be most visible in
looking at coastlines. It is my hope to revisit this series in several years, and get my hands on
imagery and data that shows the ravages of time.